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He has blood tests and a very important meeting with his oncologist on Tuesday morning, Sept. May Hashem heal and protect all of you and send you health and blessings promptly.! Thank you! Many Blessings for you and your loved ones as well. I keep praying for all of us "May Hashem answer us on the day we call" Reply. Please pray for my Mother, Rivka bat Sadie,who is in hospice and not doing well. My wife is having a lung biopsy tomorrow for nodules found incidentally on a scan. Please pray for her that the results will PG be good.

Her name is Dorit bat Ilana. You are a good husband. Your wife must be so nervous and I understand the need for prayer. Have faith! May her results be good Gd bless.

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Thank you. Please pray for my mom. She had stroke and the doctors didn't healed her cuz of the blood damage in her brain. Dear Luiz, I am praying for G-d to work His Will with your Mom and that G-d also give you and your Mom peace in your hearts and minds about what your family is dealing with now and in the future. I find I am mostly praying for you, Luiz. Please do not forget about your own heath during these difficult days. You may not be resting much or well. Not to nag, but if the stroke taught you what contributes to blocked vessels and stroke, you can put that knowledge to use to preserve your own blood vessels, general health and life.

That would be great so maybe your children can avoid this particular pain. G-d bless and keep you and your mother. May your future, Luiz, be bright, exciting and productive, too, also, as well. Please, pray for His Speedy Full Recovery.

His daughter Svetlana Jewish name Sarrah. I need healing from Yahweh for my lip is peeling off Reply. Hello Isaac in Ghana, Not quite sure what it means that your lip is peeling off; but, please see a medical doctor about your symptoms. May G-d help you find the cause and name of what is ailing you and then show you how to cure it.

Please pray me my daughter Lizlaura she has diabetes lost a big part of her vision and now in the hospital with chronic kidney damage to much protein in her urine the Dr told us she needs to go on a waiting list for kidney transplant and dialysis she is only My grandson Samuel who is autistic is so close to her.

He needs his mother I need my daughter.

Prayers for Healing

Thank you for your prayers. Please help me pray for another one of my daughters and her family, after all the rain and flooding, mold was found in the home so I had to bring them home with me because we were told that to inhale the particles of mold was dangerous to ones health. Please pray that our Heavenly Father send us someone to help their situation, they have two beautiful elementary school children, her husband has sickle cell, she has asthma. Please help!

I believe the more we come together in prayer on one accord the faster we will see results, thanking all my prayer partners in advance! Sir, please pray for me. I'm suffering from Hepatitis B.

Say these healing prayers and bible verses for someone you love

Yours in the faith Reply. Please pray for Refuah shelema for my sister. She has changed her name to Chaya Tikva Bat Shaya. She has gastric cancer and hopefully starting chemo asap Reply. Thinking of your sister during these difficult times. Chemo will work well and she will be cured. Keep the faith. Thank you Lee! Please pray for a Refuah Shlemah a complete healing for my husband, Daniel ben Clara, that the treatment he is receiving works and eliminates the cancer from his body, and for me, Chava bas Miriam.

Thank you all Dear Miriam, You are a wonderful wife and caretaker. May your husband tolerate treatment well and soon recover completely. Thinking of your husband this morning. Hi Chava, I will have you and husband and my prayers tonight. Thank you Please say tehillim for Kasriel ben Devorah, who is in hospital in Yisrael, with a severe lung infection. My neighbors child has recently manifesting epilepsy. We moved in when she was pregnant with her. Alana daughter of Megan and Gabriel. She is three.

Please pray for them. They are not Jewish. But I am. Please pray for my daughter who is a heroine addict. Hashem, I have found you in twelve step rooms, the community of self help, and supporting each other relating to each other, blessed souls asking to be free of the pain from family members any loved one with the disease of addiction, of any sort.

Psalms and Jewish Prayer for Healing

I beg you dear friends to pray for my daughter that she finds spiritual recovery. Prayer and community of my people s tradition. Praying for you and your daughter, my daughter was a crack addict, I raised the majority of her children, Gd delivered her from that addiction praising Gd for l He has done! Reading your comment it felt so familiar as though I wrote myself I so understand your pain my dear friend my son was a crack addict the road was long and so painful i went through dark places and dark moments with him to save him i was living his life he used heroin and ended up in a coma my life stopped the pain was unbearable I finally took the courage after 12 years to call the police and have him arrested in his hospital bed as he had warrants for his arrest.

I thought he would be better of in jail he did 2 years he's out now and everyday I pray. He's had 1 relapse I cannot tell you what to do but all I know is I never left him and this word to enable I never understood it. I don't believe that you ever give up on your child I will pray for your daughter that Gd rids her of this devil of addiction that she frees herself in mind spirit and soul I pray for every mother to have the strength to continue no one can ever understand what it is to be a mother of an addicted child, don't give up Gd is there.

Truly hope your daughter has a full recovery and live a blessed life. Will pray for your strength and for her spiritual healing. My daughter has a heart condition, also has been diagnosed with PTSD- she seems so sad and vulnerable it breaks my heart- I prayed every day for her and I have seen small miracles during this last year, keep strong my friend, we won't give up on our precious gift. I like this combination of Psalms y There is addiction in my family as well. We who are in the rooms feel a higher power just by being there, and understand as others cannot the pain of this disease.

Prayers for all of us - the ones who have addiction and we who love them, always. Stay strong every person has his destiny to follow accept everything with love the good and the bad nothing in life is perfect and no one has it good all the time we have to love our children weither they are addicts or doctors the only thing i ask Gd is to guide me and help me to help him thats what keeps me strong my child is not perfect but hes mine and to me hes perfect i will pray and pray that every sick child struggling with addicton that Hashem and only Gd can help and cure have faith Reply.

Please pray with and for me and my special needs daughter that the Lord will keep a hedge of protection around us because the enemy is running rampant. A house that is devided will not stand and we would like peace in our home. Thank you so much for your prayers. Will do! You are right, peace is the seal of all Blessings!

50 Healing Verses - soothing music

May G-d grant you and your beloved daughter protection and peace. Psalm 13 every morning : Reply. Thank you so much Ken and I pray that many blessings continue to come upon you and your family! Please pray for me.

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I am going back for a second screening as my routine mammogram detected a mass in my right breast. I am praying and have been praying for a wonderful outcome. Please Hashem, take care of me: Reply.

Prayers for Healing With Bible Verses

I wish you the best. You are smart to get screened. May Hashem heal you completely and have only good news amein!

go to link Please pray for Jacob ben Matilda. He is having life threatening surgery at noon today Aug 14, Thank you- Reply. Hi Lea, Hope Jacob is doing better. Will pray for a refuah schlema for him. Please Donate. Please partner with Chabad. The Bible offers many verses we can incorporate into our prayers for healing:.