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We can begin to predict the shape of the future by studying mobile use in the most sophisticated and networked markets. Whilst use of mobile-based Internet is seeing rapid growth globally, data from Global TGI, an international network of market and media research companies including Experian Simmons , show that Japan is still far ahead of the rest of the world.

For marketers, one of the main advantages of using mobile as a communication channel is portable web access and the resulting ability to deliver content and offers to consumers on the move. Looking at the way in which Japanese consumers use the Internet via their mobile phones, the opportunity is clear.

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Thirty-seven percent of the handsets owned by Japanese consumers are GPS enabled, suggesting great potential for marketers to leverage location-based messaging. Mobile Internet users also tend to spend longer than average online. Additionally, mobile Internet users in South Korea see the Internet as central to the way they live. As the use of smartphones develops, mobile is clearly a fast-growing opportunity for marketers.

From Industry 4.0 to Society 5.0: the big societal transformation plan of Japan

But a significant challenge is to determine where this platform fits within an integrated communications strategy. Encouragingly, mobile Internet users are more likely than average to react positively towards all kinds of advertising. Data from Global TGI show the mobile web users in Western Europe are more likely than their average countrymen to notice both advertising and product placement in traditional channels such as TV and radio.

Society 5.0: Concept

Likewise, in the U. So with the right strategy in place, it should certainly be possible for mobile communications to comfortably co-exist with and complement other media channels. Overcoming the substantial barriers erected by the Japanese government to the introduction of the Internet, promoters and entrepreneurs managed to create a flexible and dynamic Internet society.

Can India lead the mobile-Internet revolution? | McKinsey

From a slow start, Japan has emerged as the global leader in the mobile internet, the host of arguably the strongest nation-specific web-presence in the world, and a country determined to remain near the forefront of the digital revolution. He has an extensive background in world history, the social impact of information technology, and indigenous rights.

He has published two other books with Carin Holroyd. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the College of Commerce, University of Saskatchewan.

The history of progress in manufacturing

Japan and the Internet Revolution is an interesting read which provides a fascinating and informative discussion of the ways in which the Internet has emerged and then flourished in Japan. I recommend it to anyone interested in the intersections of society, culture and technology, or in developments in contemporary Japan generally.

enter As someone conducting research on the Internet in Japanmyself, I found it a valuable addition to the growing literature on the subject and one which I found engrossing reading. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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