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  1. Inside CL’s four-year struggle to make it big(ger) in America | The FADER
  2. What do I cook today?
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  4. Our company belongs to the Sillicon Valley group, Elite Group of Innovation worldwide.

I grew up with it. I remember my dad was listening to a lot of Japanese rock music. He loved The Refugees, Lauryn Hill.

He loved her and I remember listening to her songs a lot. Do you think growing up around the world has shaped the way you are now and contributed to your sound?

Inside CL’s four-year struggle to make it big(ger) in America | The FADER

Growing up in Japan and in France, travelling a lot definitely helps me now. I have to be creative and connect with a lot of people. It was hard for me when I was growing up because I felt like an alien.

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I can understand the culture quickly. In Japan, we moved as soon as I was born. And I was there until I was like 12 or And then in between we had to travel back and forth from France to Japan. I used to. I understand everything.

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    My legend would be the women in my family. There are so many, so many. I have amazing managers. I love Scooter. I love YG. Hopefully other people can as well. It depends. I never had to think about that. I never had to think about, oh like, what should I do? I feel like I always had something I want to do.

    When I feel like I need energy, I love to go hiking. I love being surrounded by nature and seeing the movement of the earth around me. I just want to be an inspiration to them. Because I started so young, like I said, I started dancing from when I was seven and I was into it since I can remember.

    Is there a big difference between the private CL and the CL performing on stage?

    What do I cook today?

    I think when I was younger, definitely I had a lot of style icons that I love, that I still do. My personal style, what makes it different, it goes with my music. My greatest supporters in life and in music are all the artists I look up to. Recently, this is just one, but I was going through quotes from Elvis.

    Most of the time I connect to the artists I look up to. I loved it when I was a tomboy. Actually, rock stars are my biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion.

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    So when I dress like a rock star I feel confident and I love when I dress like that. I never had to think about it. The only thing I wanted to be besides an artist and a dancer was a nun. However Lifted , released just two weeks ago, is the first single off the album. What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? Is there another philosophy of life you abide by?

    1. Inside CL’s four-year struggle to make it big(ger) in America | The FADER.
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    7. It would be the same. It would be exactly the same. Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Where did you grow up? When and how did you first get interested in music? Who were your favourite artists and singers when you were growing up? You can also use this as a sampler of my work, and upgrade to a higher package if you find me helpful. Not only did she get back to me quickly, but she also provided thoughtful feedback.

      She also wrote a summary at the end.

      Our company belongs to the Sillicon Valley group, Elite Group of Innovation worldwide.

      She gave me ideas for how to adjust the pacing, how to maximize the impact of key events in the book, tweaks I could make to the plot to make it even stronger and even plot ideas for how I could expand this into a series. I could tell that she put a lot of thought into how to help me make this the best story it could be, and her tone was always encouraging and supportive. I would highly recommend her. I think both first-time authors and those with more experience will find her services to be valuable. Maybe that is true, but no author wants to believe it.

      So how do you get your plot just right? How do you avoid stereotypes, flat characters, and predictable plot lines, while still producing something that your readers enjoy? I will send you suggestions of ways to add a breath of fresh air to your book and create characters who are memorable and a plot that readers will love. This service is also useful as a general beta-read. There are certain mistakes all emerging authors tend to make, such as overdependence on dialogue tags, indiscriminate use of adverbs, intrusive narration, and convoluted sentence structure.

      I use editors of my own for this exact reason. I can help you identify these little slips and advise you on how to fix them to give your story that professional polish.