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The latest draft of NPE sets new goals. It plans to create an ecosystem favorable for entrepreneurship in emerging technologies like the IoT, artificial intelligence AI and machine learning with a focus on solving real-world problems and boosting applications in areas such as health, smart city automation, defence, and agriculture. Apart from broadening the VLSI design base in the country by linking a larger number of colleges and institutions with industry, NPE also targets the setting up of incubation hubs and Centres of Excellence CoEs in the country, which will provide the necessary EDA tools, IP-creation, prototype building and assembly, test, mark and pack ATMP facilities required for startups.

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It also aims to build up a strong raw material, parts and electronic components supply chain that will increase the local supply of these inputs from per cent in to 60 per cent by The new NPE also focuses on supporting natively designed integrated circuits, on-chip systems, semiconductor IP licences, and all related systems and application software products, including software IP licences, where IP resides in India.

The policy aims to support the Indian fabless industry through venture capital VC financing and through active market interventions driven through specialised agencies, including the establishment of the Indian Fabless Semiconductor Venture Capital Fund, with a focus on companies that create local semiconductor-centric IP. Boosting domestic manufacturing To build a strong ESDM ecosystem in the country, the government also plans to make it globally competitive by stimulating domestic manufacturing and addressing the existing disabilities.

The NPE provides plans for financial interventions, including phased manufacturing initiatives and aims to eliminate anomalies to encourage domestic manufacturing of electronic products and their inputs parts, sub-assemblies, and components.