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Communicating Science Effectively: A Research Agenda.
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It was never censored, it simply did not get a chance to go through the approval process. BioMedUSA does seem like a great ressource for scientists! I will add this in the next update.

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Thank you very much Thomas for your response and action. I suspected something was amiss as it seemed counter intuitive. Apparently, we both act in the same social purpose to provide helpful tools for researchers, and I repeat: your resource is an excellent one. The more I appreciate including our free platform for sharing biologicals in your listings. Thumbs up!

Doing Science : Design, Analysis, and Communication of Scientific Research -

The Libre platform seem to be at the late stage of beta testing. But if you have more information about whether the project is abandoned, please share.

Pingback: 4 more digital tools for researchers! Connected Researchers. I would like to reuse the information contained on this website on our La Trobe University eResearch website — to show digital toolkits that are available to researchers. Would it be ok to use your website in this manner? Many thanks Emma. Thanks for the comment Emma. No problem at all for reusing the content of Connected Researchers. Simply mentioning the source would be enough in return. Great piece of information and nice collection of tools.

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Will certainly help many researchers. We have apps for lab analysis automatization. Also, you can export all convertions to Excel file and see converted list of colors.

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Can I use some of your summary here to put on my website? I would like to let more people in my network know those tools but I need to cut off some of the unrelated links. Of course, I will cite this site for more resources! Hello, Thank you for your question.

Glade to know this ressource could be of help to you and your colleagues! I would prefer a direct link to Connected Researchers. You can link the specific section you need. Hello, Greate list! Best, Eve. Pingback: 6 digital tools for researchers added to the list. Pingback: Speeding up Science Knowinnovation. Thomas — you are very very hard to contact directly by email why? I am not on Twitter. Your expertise would be useful here:. Thanks for your question. You can use the content of this website for academic purposes presentation, report, publication if you correctly reference the site.

If you wish to provide this ressources, please simply link this website. I am writing once more to see whether this opportunity interests you, or whether you would prefer that I not contact you again about this book. Details of the book are available in my signature. Pingback: Five new tools added to the toolbox! Pingback: Report: Science Ecosystem 2. Hello to all It is very good and fantastic page.

What is statistics?

I have a question. I am a general physician. I have many works that till I have not time to publish them. But now for a qualification in the university for clinician scientist I want to apply but they wanted me to give papers published in more than 1 impact factor in web of sciences. I need help for urgent publication of my work. Can you help me? Hi Amin, Thanks for your comment. There are a number of ways you could publish your results. Where you will publish depends on many factors. In what field are your potential readers?

Do your readers have access to journal subscription, or would it be best to publish in an open access journal? Many factors will help you decide.

To publish in journals with a high impact factor, your research must be world-class. In many cases, it is more practical and effective to publish in journals where your important work will reach doctors and researchers who will benefit the most from your research. I agree with Thomas that you should not submit to journals with weak peer review. A ruthless peer review can be painful, but it is important to ensure that you publish only the highest quality of work.

This is particularly important since you are a doctor: human lives depend on the quality of your work.

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I stumbled on this page because I was looking for a tool that would collate notes from the literature. Would be grateful for a pointer. Also, have heard great things about redcap. Thanks for your comment and for pointing out QXMD! I will look into it. I am not sure if you are looking for something more sophisticated than a simple notebook integrated into a pdf viewer?

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If that is all you need, several reference managers or pdf viewers have these. This is a fab summary and resource of useful websites for scientists and digital resources. I would like to add another — Ximbio www.

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I created a service called Pith. We aim at storing the essence of articles. Feel free to have a look and add it to the listing. Pingback: Youths — Wake Up! Pingback: Digital tools for researchers — animazionedigitale. Pingback: SJfinder gets a serious update Connected Researchers. Pingback: Citizen Science to the rescue! Biopolymers for life. Pingback: Are publishing delays getting worse? The Publication Plan for everyone interested in medical writing, the development of medical publications, and publication planning. Castor EDC is a mobile-friendly, affordable electronic data capture system for clinical trials, built by researchers, for researchers.

We believe in autonomous researchers who can manage their study themselves. Features include audit trails, user management, form building, randomisation, remote capture patient surveys and much more. Small studies are free in Castor EDC! With Castor you can start building your study immediately, and through any web browser.

Understanding scientific studies

Fantastic resource — thank you for compiling it! Dear Rebecca, Thank you so much for your comments. It is important that we get these details right. I have made a few changes, but please do tell me if you have more comments. Thanks for visiting! Pingback: How to get your research noticed online Social Media at Queen's. Pingback: Nine more digital tool added ot the list Connected Researchers. What a great list of resources, thank you. I would add YouConfer. Looking forward to browsing through some of the listings. I would also add DelveHealth. It seems as it was made an incredible work with extensive efforts and dedication.

Thank you and all people, who compiled these tools in a one list. What I noticed, that other fellow researchers are suggesting their favorite tools in the comments. It has a paid and a free version.