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  1. Dark Days (Skulduggery Pleasant Series #4) by Derek Landy, Paperback | Barnes & NobleĀ®
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My Ratings 1 star - Awful.

Dark Days (Skulduggery Pleasant Series #4) by Derek Landy, Paperback | Barnes & NobleĀ®

I feel as though I have been tortured by an author who has had a bad day at the computer 2 stars - Pretty bad. I probably won't read the book again 3 stars- It's okay. It didn't capture me in the way I like but overall I enjoyed the book. I enjoyed the book but it lacked something that would have made it special.

[Audiobook] Kingdom of the Wicked Part 1(Skulduggery Pleasant #7)

A rating I don't give often but when I do it means the book stands head and shoulders above all others for the same age group. If I've given a book a. Grab my Button! Blogs I Luuurve! Popular Posts. On the Back of the Book. The wind whipped her hair. She ran, straight into the yellow Skulduggery Pleasant is gone, sucked into a parallel dimension. There is no official Sanctuary-approved plan to save him.

Pre Read Thoughts. Now all I have to do is read it. As I have just said I have nabbed this off my wonderful brother cheers dude!

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What can I say? The cover is very bright and colourful and it stands out even at a distance. The synopsis is short and to the point. View 1 comment. Ah, yeah. Fourth book in the series and still amazing. I love the sarcasm, the magic, the characters I love it.

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And you know what? When I first rea "Be nice," she muttered as they walked over. When I first read this series it never crossed my mind because, you know, Valkyrie is just so young in the first books. Too young to be shipped with anyone, really. Plus he's a cynical skeleton.

Didn't really see him as the realtionship kinda of Maybe not at this point of the story but she's getting older throughout the series. And i'm just gonna go dig myself a grave because I think this reread changed how I view one of my favorite series ever forever Skulduggery and Valkyrie were meant for each other.

China could see that now. They were meant to find each other, to form this bond and to effect each other's lives. At the end of Faceless Ones , we read as Skulduggery was sucked into the portal to the world of the Faceless Ones. In Dark Days , we read as Valkyrie Cain is on a mission to find Skulduggery's real skull-the one that was stolen by Goblins so that she can save him and return him to the real world.

As usual , these novels are anything but safe as a new killer -this time one thats been locked up for years and was framed is out on the loose to seek revenge on those - however he can't do this wi At the end of Faceless Ones , we read as Skulduggery was sucked into the portal to the world of the Faceless Ones. In this novel we are introduced to Zombies and Vampires -Good and Bad ones. Can Skulduggery be saved and when he returns , is he ok or damaged?. Can Valkyrie along with the help of friends new and old save the world from destruction from Scarab and his crowd.

We also keep hearing about an evil sorceress who is coming to take over the world Darquesse , when Valkyrie discovers news on who she is and that Darquesse is closer than anyone realises. Its time to decide who Valkyrie is to be and become. Will she take a path of good or when the time arrives will she turn her back and let the evil side takeover.

Dark Days (Skulduggery Pleasant - Book 4)

I also read a rumour that their is to be nine books in the series and a movie -lets keep our ears and eyes on the lookout to see if thats true. This one was the best one yet. Perfect in several areas in my opinion. Great Pacing, fantastic character development, interesting and exciting story. I would also say that one great improvement is that the character really does not run away as much anymore and the conflicts feel a bit more natural and interesting.

It still got the mastermind evil vibe going, but the bad guys has more reason to it. I recommend the series based one this book alone. I will continue to read the next one and hope it wi This one was the best one yet. I will continue to read the next one and hope it will have the same quality as Dark Days. Great job Derek Landy.

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What to say! Derek Landy writes the contents of 3 books in one, and he does it quite efficiently. I have read this for a long long time. But, actually it's my fault and not author's. This book is fast, magical, dangerous, cruel, enchanting, and everything else.

Surprises drops big time here, people dies and lives as well. It deserves a five star, at least for me. I am forever so glad that I have picked up this series. I have 5 more books to go. And after that 3 new books as well! That ending, tho They might be flawed in their own ways here and there, but I always enjoy myself whenever I'm reading them tbh.

Perfect books to read in-between studying for exams and handing in those final assignments imo. Can't seem to get enough of this series.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days

Love it immensely! Oh man that was good! I had already figured out the big plot twist at the end, but still! My ship is sailing, and also the cute little moment was just as sweet as I wanted it to be. Another Fabulous entry for this series! Loved every second of it. The audiobook is amazing. Going strong!

Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days

I have no words! The ending I can't even deal. Book 5 here I come and I'll be reading all day till my eyes can't handle it anymore!