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How to solve for the model's dynamics using various numerical techniques.

How to calibrate the model. How to simulate the model economy.


How to generate impulse response functions. How to generate data moments. How to estimate model parameters using simulated method of moments Use MATLAB and Dynare, software packages widely used in macroeconomic model simulation. Demonstrate an understanding of other macroeconomic models, such as: Overlapping generations OLG models.

Special attention is given to the distribution of income. We also consider modern theories of financial crises and pay a lot of attention to the recent financial and euro crisis. Then, we will consider equilibrium search models which form the core of macro labor.

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  5. 61 A.D. (Bachiyr, Book 2).

Finally, we discuss budget deficits and Ricardian equivalence plus new political economy models where the behavior of policy makers are part of the model. Teaching Methods lectures and tutorials. Method of Assessment written interim examination plus problem sets. Entry Requirements Knowledge of calculus and intermediary macro.

Literature Hobijn B.

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Reader NYU. Romer, David Advanced Macro Economics.

The treatment of the economic problems is rigorous and the students will be required to master the numerical methods which are utilized to solve the models presented in class. Beyond the methodological side, the content of this course is motivated by the microeconomic data and the course itself discusses several interesting economic phenomena related to household decisions and their impact on the macroeconomy. Slides and Lecture Notes and the Ljungqvist-Sargent book are the main sources of reading. Lars Ljungqvist and Thomas J.

EC Advanced Macroeconomics

Review of Economic Studies , July , vol. Kaplan, G. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Vol. Storesletten and Violante, G.

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Juan Carlos Conesa and Dirk Krueger On the optimal progressivity of the income tax code. Journal of Monetary Economics , 53 7 Taxing Capital? Not a Bad Idea after All! American Economic Review , 99 1 , March